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Title: general questions about my 2005 22'
Post by: StripItDown on September 09, 2015, 08:03:47 PM
I recently purchased a 2005 22' and have a few questions for the group but first a little background on the vessel:

Based on the paperwork, it appears to have been constructed in Columbia, shipped and sold in Miami, FL. Original owner purchased the hull with deck, splashwell, and both anchor storage and semi-dry storage in the bow (no console or seat).  He had the 115 optimax with electric jackplate, flipflop seat/cooler, and console professionally installed in 2005 and in 2012 installed a 24V trolling motor on the bow.  Regularly used and serviced at least yearly - 750 total hours.  I bought it last week with a like new aluminum continental trailer.

My questions are:
1) The fuel cell appears to be made of fiberglass.  Any accounts of fiberglass tanks in 2005 boats having issues with ethanol fuel?  Also, any idea what the capacity might be?

2) I often see posts about 22lx.  Are all 22' considered lx?  How much variation in hull design and deck layout exist in the

3) Has anyone every put a below deck cooler or livewell in a panga?  I have an 8'' access port to the bilge just fore of the center console that shows a large space - just curious how large and what size cooler or well I could fit.  Also interested whether cutting hole to make it into storage is a good idea.

4) Any ideas for where to put a livewell and how to plumb?  I have a threaded bulkhead on the portside of the transom below the water line that PO said was there from the factory. Is this the intake for the livewell pump (or any other pump)?

Appreciate it. - Nate

Title: Re: general questions about my 2005 22'
Post by: jmfcc33 on September 10, 2015, 09:17:43 AM
Hey there Nate.  I can't answer questions 2-4, but the answer to question #1 is that the tank may be fiberglass and it may cause problems.  I had a 2007 with that issue and ethanol gas ate through the tank and I had tons of gasoline in the bottom of my boat.  It was a headache to deal with.  The capacity of my tank was close to 50gallons by the time I pumped it all out. 

I ended up putting an external tank in and rerouting my fuel lines .  I think your biggest concern, beyond the leaking tank, is that the ethanol will eat "dissolve" the tank and send that stuff into your motor.  Be a little careful with it.

I don't want to alarm you.  I sold the boat for other reasons, but I loved the ride and utility of it.  Keep an eye on that tank.

If you have any other questions, just let me know.  Also, if you look in the section of the site, you will see more info about your boat.


Title: Re: general questions about my 2005 22'
Post by: StripItDown on September 12, 2015, 03:22:34 PM
Jeff -

Thanks for the heads-up regarding EtOH fuel in the fiberglass tank.  The previous owner said he has always run 87 octane in the boat.  I will only run EtOH free fuel.  Do you think it would save me some trouble if I were to pump the tank and only run EtOH free from now on or is it too late (damage already done)? 

I know new resins don't react with the EtOH but given you had a 2007, I probably will have the same issues.

Took her out yesterday about 20 miles in 3-4 with frequent 5' seas (NOAA forecast 2' out to 50nm) but she handled it well and we boated some nice fishes.  We got soaked but never once dipped the bow or got nervous.  Definitely happy with the boat thus far but sure hoping I don't have to open the deck to deal with fuel tank.

Thanks again,
- Nate

Title: Re: general questions about my 2005 22'
Post by: avitucci on September 12, 2015, 05:20:42 PM

worth reading given your fuel tanks' material