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1  Panga Discussion / Mojito Boats / Re: It's here, finally. on: April 22, 2016, 02:59:33 AM
Just to keep the truth about this out there for other panga enthusiasts, there are some falsehoods here and even though it's now years later I don't think this guy should be able to get away with it.

There was never any offer whatsoever for any kind of adjustment, recompense, or repairs made to me by Mojito.  I never communicated in any way with the owner of that company, only with the sales dept.   And the claim that they offered me any help at all is complete hooey, to be polite.   Buy from them at your own risk, and please feel free to contact me if you're trying to choose between this company and a reputable one.
2  Panga Discussion / Mojito Boats / Re: NO Response on: June 19, 2015, 07:05:12 AM
Talked to Mojito over 3 weeks ago about their 23 footer. Said they would get me info on the way. Still have not seen a thing. Don't remember who I talked to. Boat sales must be good. Anybody else have this problem with them?

I was just getting my Mojito/Rivolta/XO skiff ready to try to sell, and   just going through this boat got me so PO'd that I was driven to come visit this forum just to check in.    I was pretty active in Pangas some years back.  I had followed the Tortuga hull design for a while, and then after Andros bought it,  I bought a new 22' Andros Permit.  It's a very interesting and effective design.  I absolutely loved that boat.  I've been in a lot of boats, and the Permit 22 was my favorite for these waters.  And I've owned two Boston Whalers and a Contender down here too.  I know what I'm talking about.  All my dealings with the Andros' Eggebrecht family were as good as I've ever seen.  Great company. Great boat.  Great support.  And I did use some support.

Well, I also bought a Mojito XO 18 skiff.  And the experience sucked, and continues to suck.    Those guys sold me a piece of crap boat, badly rigged, and I suspect they dumped it on me to get it off their hands somewhere they thought it would disappear.  Lets face it, I'm not going to return it.  And I'm remote.  

The widened "panga" hull is not horrible.  It rides like a cross between a full on narrow panga and something like a Whaler Dauntless, with a beamy ride.   I think the hull has possibilities.  But my impression is that whomever designed that hull had nothing to do with rigging it.  It's been a nightmare.  And they didn't want to hear about it when I asked them what the heck they had sold me.  Nope.  Big silence over the years, except for one brief exchange in which their sales-mouth-du-jour tried to tell me they sold me a prototype and I knew it.  This is past complete Bull Shirt.    I think he wanted to sound threatening to me, or something, but what he doesn't understand is that I would LOVE to get this boat in front of a judge.    PLEASE, Mojito, SUE me for libel if I say anything untrue.
Like, today I am replacing the cheap hardware store, home quality, non marine, non shrink tubed crimp connections you put onto the jack plate fuse holder wiring, and left lying in the bottom of the boat where it's constantly hidden, and wet.   The fuse connections corroded away, with bare copper wire exposed to sea water. Duh.  Some experts.  you know, the boat that has no way to drain the water that gets into the hull?  Want me to start posting photos?

Anyhow, my personal experience, for what it's worth to you, is that the Mojito people definitely cheated me. They knowingly  sold me an inferior boat.  They told me it was a special price for their "Demo" boat.  It wasn't a demo boat.  It was a badly rigged prototype that a customer should never have even seen.  They misled me, and did nothing to offer to support me.  I also contacted the jackplate people and they basically just tried to sell me some wedges to fix one issue.

WHY would you buy a boat from these guys?

My hard won experience says to go with Andros or Panga Marine.   Good people, good boats.

by the way, the TCI local friend who I gave my storm battered  panga hull to is still running that Andros down here.  It's basically the stripped down hull and a honking big Evinrude, and he's famous for the way he takes it through a foot of water at about 40 mph riding on one cheek.  
3  Panga Discussion / Mojito Boats / Re: It's here, finally. on: May 08, 2013, 01:59:59 PM
I've been way busy with a lot of other issues to take on rebuilding this boat.   I'm still thinking of ripping everything out that Mojito put in it and just starting over with the hull and the Suzuki.

one thing I learned, never buy a boat from a company who decided to name themselves after an alcoholic drink.
4  Panga Discussion / Andros Boats / Hello Y'all on: March 20, 2013, 12:59:17 PM
Some of the old timers here might remember me.  I bought an Andros Permit 22, all tricked out, and imported it to the Turks and Caicos Islands about six years ago.  It got smashed up in Hurricane Hanna in '08.  I gave it to a good friend of ours down here, and he patched up the major holes and has been running it with an Evinrude 225 ever since. 

last week we made two trips  over to another island and back in that Andros.  Man, I had forgotten what a great hull that is.  We were doing 45 mph in about 8" of water.  I have video of that, too, by the way.  With five people in the boat.  Amazing.

I really miss that boat.  And the Eggebrechts were great people to deal with.  I'd buy another one of their boats in a heartbeat.

Then after a great day in the Andros I get home and look at this Rivolta/Mojito skiff I bought and I get pissed off every time I see it. They took a decent hull and ruined it, and then passed it off to us as a "demo" model.  Wrong.  It wasn't a demo model. It was a prototype that was terribly rigged and poorly finished, and they dumped it on me thinking it would disappear.  (Hasn't though, has it. ) I need to strip everything out of it and start over.  I WISH I had bought another Andros.   They didn't have anything that would fit in my garage on a trailer at the time.   Should have waited.

here's our old Permit 22, still going strong after three hurricanes and getting beaten almost to death.

here's some photos of what happened to the boat in 'o8:

The console got crushed like an eggshell, and never got fixed. It's held on with a few screws.   The leaning post came from a SeaFox that got smashed in the same storm.  I don't know where he got the bimini.....that's recent.  The front hatch is gone.  The trim tabs and jackplate haven't worked since early Sept. 08.   The gas tank in the deck was a mistake, by the way. I won't do that again.   I chose that approach, but  That needs to be accessible.  tank leaks are an issue.  But this boat is a local legend.  NOBODY tries to follow Preacher over the flats.  If your hat blows off, it's history. There's no way to slow down and go back to get it.

5  Panga Discussion / Mojito Boats / Re: It's here, finally. on: April 11, 2012, 01:48:46 PM
Hi y'all,
I can't believe it's been a year since I bought that boat, and six months since I posted anything about it.  I decided to come and check back on what I wrote, since the new Sales Mgr. of Mojito just wrote me an email wanting to know the story.   I give him a lot of credit for that, it's not easy to "cold call" an irate customer.

I just read what I wrote, and now, six months and a lot of water later, I stand by every single bit of it.     Mojito just told me that they considered this a "prototype" boat.  But it was offered to me as a "demo" boat.   I know in my industry there's a huge difference between an in-house prototype and a demo model.   

I haven't made any serious changes to the boat since the last post in September.  I did fix a few more salt water corrosion issues, in the wiring.  That's ongoing, the wiring is all underwater.  No way to drain the rigging tube.  I installed a compass and VHF and antenna after an unwanted adventure sixteen miles out in the ocean in a severe line of thunderstorms, with no compass, no radio, and about 100 ft. visibility at times.  Obviously, we made it.
I put another transom drain on the boat, on the left side.  It had one screw out drain on the right, nothing on the left.  And I have to drain it, under all circumstances.  Rain, after loading it on the trailer.   Can't really store anything under the rear casting deck, as it's too wet and if it gets too far away from the hatch, there's no easy way to retrieve it.  No access.

I've put some thought into it, and have had some trips over the holidays with two people in the bow, and that's really what it needs.  Weight forward.   I have been thinking about adding a full width, removable bench seat up forward, mostly for the weight but also so people have a comfy place to sit.  There's no way two of us can sit on the existing seat and drive the boat comfortably.  Can't see over the bow.  Driver has to stand up, and in my case, lean over to steer.  Makes your back ache after about five miles. I thought about adding some blocks under the console to raise it, but really, I need a new, bigger, taller console mounted a foot or so forward.  That would make it impossible to reach the controls from the useless seat, so that all could come out.  I think it's referred to as a rear casting deck.  Okay.  Well, what I need is a usable anykind of deck.    I did screw three stainless steel handles on the boat, so people have something to hang onto.  It was kinda scary otherwise.

They tell me that most of their customers are happy with their boats.   That doesn't help me one damned bit, though, does it

6  Panga Discussion / Mojito Boats / Re: It's here, finally. on: September 07, 2011, 08:15:41 AM
Well, it's now been six months since we bought this boat.  I thought I would bring you guys up to date on my thoughts, in case you are wondering which US panga styled boat to buy.   Keep in mind this is my own opinion.  I have over 40 years in a career that involved boats.  I have driven, ridden, worked from so many different boats in my life I couldn't begin to count them. From wooden dugout canoes in the Amazon to the latest in high tech no expense spared patrol boats in Finland to the latest in military boats.  RIBs, aluminium, wooden, fiberglass, subs, I've been in a lot of boats.
Since living here in the islands I have run a Boston Whaler Montauk 17, a Boston Whaler Dauntless 180, an Andros Permit 22 panga, a Contender 25, two Hobies kayaks, and this Mojito XO.  Again, these comments are my own opinion.  But I do know a few things about boats.

First the good stuff.  The finish on the boat is good.  And I like the hull.  The hull is very interesting.  I have not been able to get this boat to slap or pound in chop, and we've been in a fair bit. It makes for a soft landing every time.  Very much appreciated after the Whalers.  The Suzuki 4 stroke is great so far.  Too bad it's about 150 lbs too heavy for this boat.

Now the bad stuff:   everything else.   I have never seen a boat worse rigged in my life.  The wiring was seemingly just crammed into a big loose glob in the space  between the battery and the inside of the little console.  Nothing secured, nothing coiled up, noting up off the deck.   I have been looking at unterminated hot leads left to sit in the sea water. The fuse for the jackplate corroeded away from being in the water. The stuffing tube from the console to the transom area is permanently full of seawater.  There is no way to drain it. All the wiring from the console to the outboard, and up forward to the fuel tank, is perpetually soaking in sea water.  There is also no way to drain the hull, which is foamed.  I would hate this if I left the boat in the water.  I keep it on a trailer, so it's not a huge drawback to me.  Just bad design.

There is way too much weight too far aft.  The scuppers are underwater with the boat sitting still.  The deck on the aft end of it is largely useless.  I wanted to put some grab rails on it, and realized that there is no way to gain access to the underside of it.  I had to cut holes in the storage lockers to get to it.    The entire rear section stays mostly flooded. I don't know who designed this boat, or who rigged it, but they should both be fired.  In my opinion.  I am presently looking at what I can do to move weight forward on it, but undortunatley there isn't much.  I think this might be a good boat for something like a Yamaha 65 two stroke with a tiller and a single bench seat set about three feet forward of the transom.

I would love to see what this hull would do properly set up.  I don't have the time or money to rip everything off a new boat and start over, but that's what needs to be done.  If you want more info on some of the many other things wrong with this boat, ask.

My advice is to buy an Andros, or maybe a pangamarine.  I sure wish that I had sone so this time. In any case, never buy a boat signt unseen.  If I had spent fifteen minutes on this boat beforehand, I never would have bought it.

7  Panga Discussion / Mojito Boats / Re: It's here, finally. on: March 16, 2011, 10:37:05 AM
yeah it is beamier than the traditional panga ratio.  We were immediately aware of the roll stability.

 It handles differently than my panga did.  We only have about fifteen miles or so on it, on a calm day, so we don't have much to report so far about chop, following seas, steep troughs,  riding at know, all that fun stuff.    

My impression so far is of a combination of a fast skiff and a panga, but I am thinking it is set up for having more weight forward than it actually has.  The motor is cantilevered out about 12 inches from the stern, with the jackplate and a six inch spacer extension.   I am wondering if that weight on that moment arm is not levering the boat a little, making it ride light in the bow.  I have to design a hoist in my garage for another purpose, but when I get it completed it will be perfect for taking the weight of this Suzuki while I play games with the jackplate.  I think the motor needs to be closer to the hull.

I'm always messing around with stuff, anyhow, so don't take this as a criticism of this boat.  I think of it as fine tuning.  I never stop doing that.  Drives the wives bonkers.

We were pretty happy with it on our trip out on Friday.  An old coot climbing back into it without a boarding ladder probably would have made a funny video.  Actually I just did the power flipper, Shamu approach to boarding.

I've noticed there is no way to drain the hull at the lowest point in the transom.  This is not a huge concern for me, as I am going to keep this boat on a trailer, but I could see being able to drain it.  It does rain here.  That assumes there is a void in there to drain.   But you know how water is.   It would not be difficult to add some kind of drain spigot, or threaded plug thing.
8  Panga Discussion / Mojito Boats / It's here, finally. on: March 16, 2011, 06:37:33 AM
Our "new" XO 18 finally arrived here in the Turks and Caicos Islands last week.  If you go to the XO Marine site, this is their "demo"  boat and is the  one in all their photos  of the 18 ft. XO.  Only differences are that they added Lenco tabs after those photos were taken, and then a small bimini that folds down onto the rear deck out of the way.    As some of you know, we are pretty active boaters and bloggers, so there will be a bunch of experience with the Mojito 18 hull going on down here.   Our first trip in it was a little snorkeling jaunt out to check on some Lionfish habitat at an old airplane crash site.

Picked up by yours truly at the sea freight company:

figured out that tying the bow line to the stern cleat makes it a lot easier for one person to maneuver the boat around some corners in calm water.  You just have one line to worry about, and and you can do it with one hand while the other hand hangs on to rocks and trees and stuff.  As you pull the stern in, the bow gets let out automatically.  Makes it easy for La Gringa to hold the boat while I go park the trailer in the bushes. Would make it easier to walk the boat around the end of a dock or piling, too.  Why didn't I think of this before?


My navigator and I setting a course on a handheld GPS.    This is a no-frills boat.  On purpose.

9  Panga Discussion / Mojito Boats / Re: PHOTOS - New Build on: February 18, 2011, 04:36:17 PM
You mean the Tandem Island Hobie?  We launched it twice, and I put the beloved inflatable away.

We love the TI.   What a fun boat.    Little sucker scoots with about fifteen knots of wind, too.
10  Panga Discussion / Andros Boats / Re: So...where's the specs on the new 20 ft? on: February 18, 2011, 04:31:37 PM
That Permit is still going.

This photo was taken on North Caicos last Saturday.   We had just gotten a ride over.  There were 9 of us.
Along with a model sloop.  And a dog.

There are no life jackets.  No radio.  no epirb.  No gps.  No lights.  No flares.  No horn.  No registration. The console is held on with a few semi-stripped screws. The seat came from a wrecked Sea Cat.  None of the screws are in the frame for the hatch in the spash well.   The bilge, washdown, and livewell pumps are  still on the boat, but none of them work.   Preacher shorts wires together to get the jackplate where he wants it.  It stays there.    The trim tabs don't work.

And you would not freaking believe the water he runs this boat through.   We leave two trails of stirred up sand.  One from the skeg, and the other from the inside rear edge of the hull.   He tilts it heavily and goes over sandbars  sliding sideways in a turn.    9 unrestrained passengers, all standing, by the way.

If you come down, I need to get Preacher to show you how to drive one of these things.

11  Panga Discussion / Mojito Boats / Re: PHOTOS - New Build on: February 16, 2011, 05:00:51 AM
Are those stringers the same size in the XO 18 we just bought this week, sight unseen?

The photos for the 18 are not loading on my computer for some reason.   Are those at a host site I could go look at?
12  Panga Discussion / Andros Boats / Re: So...where's the specs on the new 20 ft? on: February 15, 2011, 02:22:05 PM
Well, I kinda got tired of waiting and going without a skinny water boat.  La Gringa Suprema bought me a new Hobie Tandem Island sailing trimaran kayak for my birthday, and sailing it around has been keeping my boat addiction going.

Then we just said to heck with it, and bought the demo model XO 18 ft. boat from Mojito.   

It's the same hull as the Mojito 18, or so Jeff tells me, just a real spartan interior.   

Which is what we want this time  around.   I wanted a boat with a jack plate and trim tabs, and that's about it.  I never use livewells for anything but storage, so didn't want one of those.  I don't like ice chests built into the boats or leaning posts.  They add weight, and anyhow I prefer a cooler that I can lift off the boat and wash out.  Can take home with me, etc.   I didn't want any washdown pumps, either. 

  The boat was delivered to the ocean freight company yesterday, and we are hoping to have it within a week.   There are photos of it on the XO site. 

Now I have until June to figure out how to shorten the whole thing on the trailer to fit inside my garage.   I think it's not going to be too complicated.

Have any of you guys ridden on one of the Mojito or the XO 18 ft. with a Suzi 90 horse 4 stroke?
13  Panga Discussion / Andros Boats / Re: So...where's the specs on the new 20 ft? on: January 20, 2011, 12:04:31 PM
Does anyone know whatever happened with this?

Also, does anyone know where I can find some plans to build an 18-20 ft. true panga?    I am talking plywood and epoxy.

If I can't build a panga,I am thinking of a small catamaran.   Maybe modify that Glen L design.
14  Panga Discussion / Panga Tech Talk / Re: 14' Panga on: October 22, 2010, 07:31:01 AM
NBC is importing a 16 ft. panga hull from Nicaragua...doubt you will find anything new for $ 3k though, in any kind of panga that isn't a basket case.
15  Panga Discussion / Panga Tech Talk / Re: New owner of Mexican Imemsa 25 in Fl on: October 20, 2010, 10:14:43 AM
Well, that's the thing, see.   I used to think I needed a small GPS and radio.  None of our native friends here have gps or radio.  I didn't understand when we came down here, but after five years here, I do.   

I have a hand held GPS, which we rarely use.  And nobody here much uses VHF radios for anything.  Oh, the commercial boats and cruisers coming through do, and the DR fishing guys talk to each other on the radio cause it's a net and they can all hear each other at the same time.    I could throw a handheld marine VHF and the GPS in a backpack and that would be fine.   

But the local guys use cell phones.  And why not?   If you need help here you need to call someone specifically to arrange to help you.   There's no Coast Guard here, or Sea Tow.   If I broke down, I would want to phone a buddy at home and he would figure out how to get help to me.     He wouldn't be standing by on a VHF, that's for sure.
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