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Author Topic: Something Everyone Should Read before they sell there boat...  (Read 5101 times)
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Captain Tyler
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« on: August 12, 2009, 05:25:35 AM »

Imgranty posted this on another thread. In case you missed it, it is a must read before you sell your boat.

If i might suggest you should consider enhancing your ad. think about it from the perspective of someone seriously looking and qualified to buy a used (or maybe even a new boat) who stumbles onto your ad. what would it need to look like to get their attention QUICKLY and make them get in contact with you? how do you provide them with the information they need to figure out the value at a glance? i hope i dont sound like a used car dealer, but i think if you make it easy for people to understand the performance, condition, & benefit of buying your boat the sooner you will find the right buyer at the price you want.

- Remember pictures speak 1,000's of words. select your best 3 or 4 photos, or maybe spend time taking some new photos that really showcase the boat. (i suggest you include more then two, but no more then 4 pictures) and make sure they appear WHEREVER you post your ad. (let people know you have more photos available if they contact you.... this gives a reason for people who are curious to start communicating directly with you) if you post your ad at the same place twice use new pictures and a different title. use titles that engage people and make them curious to open, but still relevant...  maybe try localized subjects: Best boat for the keys!!!  swiss army knife of boats for sale at value price, pay for this boat with the money you save in fuel! (ok they need work, but you get the idea)

- Make it easy for people to contact you, create a junk email for this purpose through gmail or yahoo if you are worried about people bugging you or spam...check it often and get back to people fast

- I know its a pain, but put all relevant info in one ad preferably in bullet points (assume the person reading your ad knows nothing about the angler 26... start out with the benefits of the panga style, MPG,... then talk about your premium upgrades.... show off the electronics, the new motor, warranty, your tower, & all of the extras included. remember that most people (not on this site, but in general) are not aware of the panga style & the reasons you purchased it.  have a few non boater friends review your ad and see what questions they ask.

- Qualify the sellers with important questions that you sneak in when you first start talking to someone. (this will help you size them up & figure out where they are at in the purchasing process)  ask them things like "is this your first boat?"  regardless of how they respond prepare a response that will make you and your boat stand out as something different.... prepare a 1 sheet of q/a that offers your perspective of what questions anyone should be asking when buying any used boat and how your boat compares. while you dont want to highlight the less then favorable details (anglers non transferable hull warranty as an example), you might be able to dodge the question like this: question: "does the manufacturer stand behind their boats?" response: angler has always stood behind me & if i have any questions i can always get in touch with the actual person / builder, i suggest you contact angler at 818.555.5555 to experience the same level of customer service i am talking about... are the other boat manufacturers  you are considering still in business? can you get in touch with them as easy as angler??? as a way to build trust and make you stand out as "partner" to the person who might be purchasing your boat. Offer a 1 page of q/a to people who contact you as a way to help them compare EVERYTHING they are looking at on an equal playing field.... (make sure your contact info is on the document you send because may people WILL look at this later)  ask objective questions, but make sure to include important areas where the panga or your specific setup shines.

- 30K while a total value for your boat it is still 30k in a economy where people are not secure about their future income. do you know of any companies that specialize in used boat financing? you are just looking to sell & trade up, but i suspect that some of the interested buyers might be people who were considering a smaller new boat but are willing to consider the used 26 because of its size... your new motor, ability to handle difficult conditions, and extra space could prove tempting for someone looking to buy a new boat around 20 feet. the one challenge you should address early on is that some people buy new boats because the financing is easy.  i think a non confrontational way to qualify if someone has the cash on hand or if they will need a loan is to approach the question this way. (again if you do this early on you might be able to screen people out who are not serious, and at the same time engage the people sitting on the fence) say something like: not sure if you already have this covered, but regardless if you end up selecting my boat or not have you considered boat financing?Huh  when i purchased my first boat i found the people over at company x to be really fair & even in this difficult credit market i know they still offer used boat loans and are hungry to offer people a good deal.. you can contact  dave smith at 555 1212 if you want to see how much he can save you on a loan or offer you a better deal then what you already received... (this doesn't challenge someone with the cash on hand, and positions you as a helpful solution to get them into your boat quickly... it could also help detect if they already have the cash or financing in place, but take that with a grain of salt because until the funds are in your account you have no way to tell if people are telling you the truth)

- From a negotiation stand point hold your cards close to you at all times... I see a few price drops in a short amount of time, hear the word honeymoon (makes me think about my expensive wedding and all the bills that followed)  and I right away (even though it is not the case or the reason you are selling it) I start to think how low could I get this price....  i would focus on creating a win win situation for anyone who tries to low ball you... maybe you focus on the value, direct them to the prices of your motor, or offer something as a trade off if you can (maybe deliver the boat within 500 miles, or have it detailed, basically keep your price firm while making it convenient for the buyer at the same time)

ok that was my "quick thoughts" imagine what my detailed long winded thoughts are like?Huh i am sure you already know everything above, but i liked your boat and wanted to offer my assistance.

Take care,



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